1841 Census

I have transcribed the 1841 UK Census listing all Wheatcroft (and variants) instances geographically and into families. See small sample below for Warwickshire/Wiltshire/Worcestershire.

Please email me with specific enquiries and I will forward you details.


Richard    b 1777     Other County  Stockingford  Coal Miner
Elizabeth  b 1775  Warks   Nuneaton
Mary  b 1838  Ireland

Richard   b 1807   Warks  Nuneaton Stockingford  Ribbon Weaver
Mary    b 1808     Warks.

John  b 1826  Warks.  St Mary  Warwick  Shoe Maker App.

John  b 1786  Warks  St Mary  Warwick

Diana  b1816  Warks.  Nuneaton. Abbey St.  Female Servant

Joseph b 1772 Other County Warks. Mancetter Atherstone M.Miner
Sarah b 1781 Warks.
Ann b 1816 Warks.
Joseph b 1839 Warks.

Wheatcroft and Co. Boat  Birmingham Wharf  Ladywood.  8/5


William b 1806 (Other County)  Wiltshire  St Martin  Salisbury
Maria b 1801(Other County)  Ind.


George b 1801  Worcestershire  All Saints Evesham
Mary b 1834 Worcestershire
Henry b 1838  Worcestershire

Edward b 1791 Worcestershire  Blockley Shipston-on-Stour Farmer
Mary  b1793 Worcestershire
Alfred  b1827  Worcestershire

Thomas b 1796 Worcestershire Blockley Shipston-on-Stour Farmer
Sarah b 1796 Not in County
Oswald  b 1821 Worcestershire
John b 1821 Worcestershire
Lucy b  1826 Worcestershire
Thomas b 1826 Worcestershire
Sarah b 1826 Worcestershire
Mary 1831 Worcestershire
Edmund b 1816 Worcestershire Bretforton Evesham Ag Lab
Althea b 1811 Not in County
Mary b 1832 Worcestershire
Emma b 1836 Worcestershire
Charles b 1837 Worcestershire
Elisha b 1840 Worcestershire

Giles b 1761 Worcestershire Bretforton Evesham
George b 1791 Worcestershire Slater
Ann b 1786 Worcestershire
George b 1814 Worcestershire Brickworker
Henry b 1823 Worcestershire Slater

Henry b 1820 ( Not in County) Worcestershire Tredington Shipston-on-Stour

Eliza b 1821 Worcestershire  Tidmington Shipston-on-Stour

Number of Families in other Counties-:

Cheshire 2
Derbyshire 93
Gloucestershire 2
Hampshire 4
Hertfordshire 1
Kent 1
Lancashire 6
Leicestershire 4
Lincolnshire 18
Middlesex 9
Nottinghamshire 23
Surrey 1
Sussex 2
Warwickshire 7 see above for details.
Wiltshire 1 see above for details.
Worcestershire 7 see above for details.
Yorkshire 23

Scotland 6
Wales 1


Labourer female servant male servant tailor miner gunsmith blacksmith carpenter toll collector miller seamstress boat builder ag lab fwk farmer shoe maker nailor beer seller butcher gun maker surgeon bricklayer landlady gardener accountant cotton hand silk worker lacemaker joiner blanket maker merchant post master bleacher slate maker brass turner carter pot maker ribbon weaver  clerk hawker cooper shopkeeper grocer school master stocking maker mason soldier  seaman clock maker

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