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Murderers, Millionaires and Prostitutes!

                      Nottinghamshire Guardian May 30th 1850

Detective Whitcroft Retirement Birmingham Daily Mail Oct.1904

Abraham Wheatcroft 1775 Derby Mercury.pdf

Abraham Wheatcroft 1842 Derby Mercury.pdf

Adam Whitcroft 1876 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Adolphus Edward Wheatcroft 1867 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

Albert Wheatcroft Grassmoor Colliery Death 1933 Western News .pdf

Alex Wheatcroft1849 Notts Guardian.pdf

Alfred Eugene Thomas Wheatcroft 1916 Western Times.pdf

Alfred H Wheatcroft 1864 Hampshire Advertiser .pdf

Alsop H Wheatcroft 1907 Manchester Courier.pdf

Ann Wheatcroft 1842 Derby Mercury.pdf

Ann Wheatcroft 1880 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Annie Wheatcroft 1871 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Carrie Wheatcroft 1916 Western Times.pdf

Charles Wheatcroft 1847 Hampshire Ad .pdf

Charles Henry Wheatcroft 1917 Birmingham Gazette.pdf

Charlotte Wheatcroft 1799 Stamford Mercury.pdf

Corporal Whitcroft (Coventry)1901 Midland Daily Telgraph.pdf

David Wheatcroft 1825 Derby Mercury.pdf

David Wheatcroft 1835 Derby Mercury.pdf

David Wheatcroft 1847 Derby Mercury.pdf

David Wheatcroft 1851 Morning Chronicle.pdf

David Wheatcroft 1855 Derby Mercury.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1780 Derby Mercury.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1799 Stamford Mercury.pdf

Edward Wheatcoft 1858 Derby Mercury.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1862 Daily News.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1870 Derby Mercury.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1872 Glasgow Hearld.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft Dr. 1903 Derby Telegraph.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1907 Nottingham Evening Post.pdf

Edward Wheatcroft 1916 Nottingham Post.pdf

Edwin Wheatcroft 1865 Derby Mercury.pdf

Elizabeth Wheatcroft (beekeeper) 1882 Liverpool Mercury.pdf

Eliza Pearson Wheatcroft 1906 Derby Telegraph.pdf

Emily Wheatcroft 1878 Essex Standard.pdf

Emily Wheatcroft Derby Telegraph 1911.pdf

Francis Wheatcroft 1763 Oxford Journal.pdf

Francis Wheatcroft 1840 Oxford Journal.pdf

Frank Wheatcroft 1905 Dundee Evening Post.pdf

Frederick Wheatcroft 1877 Derby Mercury.pdf

Frederick Wheatcroft (Ilkeston) 1910 Nottingham Post.pdf

Frederick Wheatcroft (suicide) 1917 Manchester Eveving News.pdf

Frederick William Wheatcroft 1903 Manchester Courier.pdf

Francis Joseph Whitcroft 1892 Derby Daily telegraph .pdf

Gamble Wheatcroft 1858 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1847 London Standard.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1852 Derby Mercury.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1859 Derby Mercury.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1871 Sheffield Ind.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1884 Hampshire Telegraph.pdf

George Wheatcroft 1884 Derby Mercury.pdf

George Wheatcroft death1884 Hampshire Advertiser.pdf

George Whitcroft 1902 Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

German Wheatcroft 1827 Derby Mercury.pdf

German Wheatcroft 1852 Morning Post.pdf

German  Wheatcroft 1854 Newcastle Courant.pdf

German Wheatcroft (Reverend) 1873 Morning Post.pdf

Hannah Wheatcroft 1804 Derby Mercury.pdf

Hannah Wheatcroft 1869 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Hannah Wheatcroft 1885 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Hannah Whitcroft 1877 Leicester Mercury.pdf

Hannah Whitcroft 1902 The Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

Harry Wheatcroft 1903 Hull Daily Mail.pdf

Harry Lewis Wheatcroft 1918 Coventry Evening Telegraph.pdf

Harry Whitcroft 1902 The Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

Harry Whitcroft 1929 Nottingham Evening Post.pdf

Henry Wheatcroft 1860 Hampshire Telegraph.pdf

Henry Wheatcroft 1863 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Henry Wheatcroft 1873 Derbyshire Times .pdf

Henry Wheatcroft 1875 Derby Mercury.pdf

Henry Wheatcroft (funeral) 1912 Derby Telegraph.pdf

Herbert Wheatcroft 1880 Leeds Mercury.pdf

Isaac Wheatcroft 1862 Derby Mercury.pdf

Isabella Wheatcroft 1903 derbyshire Times.pdf

Israel Wheatcroft 1881 Derby Mercury.pdf

Jabez Wheatcroft 1853 Derby Mercury.pdf

James Wheatcroft 1797 Derby Mercury.pdf

James Wheatcroft 1799 Derby Mercury.pdf

James W Wheatcroft 1871 Derby Mercury.pdf

James Wheatcroft 1885 Derbyshire Times.pdf

James Wheatcroft 1903 Portsmouth News.pdf

James Wheatcroft 1904 Portsmouth News.pdf

James Whitcroft 1900 The Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

James Whitcroft 1921 Notingham Evening Post.pdf

Jane Whitcroft (Murder) 1859  Bucks Herald.pdf

Jemima Wheatcroft suicide 1862 Daily News.pdf

Jenkins Wheatcroft 1889 York Herald.pdf

John Henry Wheatcroft 1893 Derbyshire Times.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1785 Oxford Journal.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1792 Derby Mercury.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1796 Derby Mercury.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1835 Derby Mercury.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1840 Leicester Chronicle .pdf

John Wheatcroft 1843 London Gazette.pdf

John Wheatcroft 1849 Notts Guardian.pdf

John Wheatcroft (Surgeon) 1857 Standard.pdf

John Wheatcroft Sheffield Ind1862 .pdf

John Wheatcroft 1873 Sheffield Daily Telegraph.pdf

John Wheatcroft (herbalist) 1883 Birmingham Daily Post.pdf

John Wheatcroft Attempted Suicide 1904 Sheffield Telegraph.pdf

John Whitcroft 1858 Worcester Journal.pdf

Joseph Wheatcroft 1778 Derby Mercury.pdf

Joseph Wheatcroft 1863 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Joseph Wheatcroft 1872 Derby Mercury.pdf

Joseph Wheatcroft 1911 Sheffield Telegraph.pdf

Joseph Whitcroft 1894 The Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

Lavinia Wheatcroft 1911 Sunderland Echo.pdf

Leonard Wheatcroft 1903 Derby Telegraph.pdf

Leonard Wheatcroft 1903 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Leonora Augusta 1903 Derbyshire Times Wheatcroft.pdf

Lucy Wheatcroft 1864 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Manuel Wheatcroft 1834 Sheffield Daily.pdf

Maria L Wheatcroft artist 1908 Bath Chronicle.pdf

Martha Wheatcroft 1909 Nottingham Evening Post.pdf

Martin Wheatcroft 1860 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Martin Wheatcroft 1870 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Mary Wheatcroft 1849 Derby Mercury.pdf

Mary Wheatcroft 1857 Derby Mercury.pdf

Mary Wheatcroft 1879 Derby Mercury.pdf

Mary and Harry Wheatcroft, Brampton 1882 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Mary Ann Wheatcroft 1855 Derby Mercury.pdf

Miss Whitcroft headmistress Sleaford1902.pdf

Mr Wheatcroft (Tealby)1792 Stamford Mercury.pdf

Mr Wheatcroft (Nottingham) 1793 Derby Mercury.pdf

Naomi Wheatcroft 1880 Derby Mercury.pdf

Nathaniel Wheatcroft 1832 Derby Mercury.pdf

Nathaniel Wheatcroft 1857 Derby Mercury.pdf

Nathaniel Wheatcroft 1876 Derby Mercury.pdf

Nelson Wheatcroft 1882 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Nelson Wheatcroft (adultery case)1883 Liverpool Mercury.pdf

Obadiah Wheatcroft 1834 Sheffield Independent.pdf

Obadiah Wheatcroft 1836 Sheffield Ind .pdf

Oliver Wheatcroft 1861 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

Percy Wheatcroft 1904 Grantham Journal.pdf

Peter Wheatcroft 1871 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Private C O Whitcroft 1931 Derby Daily Telegraph .pdf

Rachael Wheatcroft Seduction Case1857 Hull Packet.pdf

Robert Wheatcroft 1908 Nottingham Post.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft murder 1774 Derby Mercury.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft 1853 Manchester Examiner.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft 1854 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft 1862 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft 1881 Hampshire Ad.pdf

Samuel Wheatcroft 1910 Derby Telegraph.pdf

Sam Wheatcroft 1945 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Sarah Ann Wheatcroft abduction1872 Evening Gazette.pdf

Sarah Elizabeth Wheatcroft 1891 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Sidney Wheatcroft 1877 Sheffield Ind.pdf

Sydney Wheatcroft 1871 Derby Mercury.pdf

Sydney Maurice Wheatcroft 1903 Sheffield Telegraph.pdf

Theodore Wheatcroft 1901 Gloucester Citizen.pdf

Thomas Wheatcroft 1834 Derby Mercury.pdf

Thomas Wheatcroft 1858 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Thomas Wheatcroft 1879 York Herald.pdf

Thomas Wheatcroft 1880 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

Thomas Ernest Wheatcroft 1883 Liverpool Mercury.pdf

Thomas Whitcraft 1859 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Thomas Whitcroft 1848 Leicester Journal.pdf

Valentine Wheatcroft 1841 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Thomas Whitcroft 1901 The Mercury.pdf

Wheatcroft Carriers1840 Blackburn Standard.pdf

Wheatcrofts Of Ashover 1883 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Wheatcofts Of Ashover 1884 Derbyshire Times.pdf

Whitcraft 1863 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

Whitcroft (Bedworth) prostitute1861 Coventry Herald.pdf

Whitcroft (Bedworth) 1895 Citizen.pdf

Whitcroft (Bedworth)1897 Midland Daily Telegraph.pdf

Whitcroft (Burntwood) 1945 Lichfield Mercury.pdf

Whitcroft W. Bedworth 1895 The Citizen.pdf

William George Wheatcroft solicitor 1867 Derby Mercury.pdf

William George Wheatcroft solicitors 1871 Derby Mercury .pdf

William German Wheatcroft 1865 Nottinghamshire Guardian.pdf

William Henry Wheatcroft 1916 Manchester Evening News.pdf

William Henry Wheatcroft 1916 Aberdeen Express.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1738 Stamford Mercury.pdf

William Nash Wheatcroft 1913 Gloucester Journal.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1850 Derby Mercury.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1853 Sheffield Indepenent.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1854 Derby Mercury.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1869 Ipswich Jjournal.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1871 Sheffield Ind.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1873 Bradford Observer.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1876 Notts Guardian.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1881 Derby Mercury.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1882 Derbyshire Times.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1882 Sheffield Ind.pdf

William Wheatcroft Brampton 1898 Derby Mercury.pdf

William Wheatcroft 1913 Yorkshire Post.pdf

William and Margaret Ellen Wheatcroft 1900 Derbyshire Times.pdf

William Whitcraft. 1855 Leicester Chronicle pdf

William Whitcraft 1859 Leicester Mercury.pdf

William Whitcroft1838 Leicester Chronicle.pdf

William Whitcroft 1879 Coventry Herald.pdf

William Whitcroft 1889 Coventry Standard.pdf

William Whitcroft 1892 Coventry Herald.pdf

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